Cats are awesome we all know that. For anyone who has ever owned a cat knows how lovely they can be. It is hard not to fall in love with these fluffy animals after the enter your home. Cats give us warmth and make us feel special while they cuddle next to us.  

Cat owners know that there is nothing like having a loyal and loving cat waiting for you at home after a hard day at work. Cat owners can testify that these furry animals have a special sense to know when you need their attention. Whether you feel down or you just tire from the long day, cats will instinctively come and hang around you to make you feel better. They just might rub against your leg, sit there and look at you with those big eyes or simply make that greting meow.

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Cats Give Us Those Meow's That Melt Our Hearts.

Whether you are typing some stuff on the computer, eating an apple or chilling with your favorite book, cats will come up to you and give that sweet meow. This is their way of saying „i'm here“ and they dont take no for an answer.

Have a great catday and MEOW!

If you are looking for a new cat it might be a good idea to think about an adoption. Getting a pet cat is not a small thing, and it is recommended that you make sure you have the time and space to keep one. Cats are independent by nature, but still need you to take care of them. Do you work a lot? Are you often away from home? These are all the things you need to answer before you get a cat that will be the best option for your lifestyle. Some cats need a lot of grooming and some don’t, so do your research before you go get your furry friend.

One more thing you need to know is if you are allergic to cats? Some people have allergies and will not be compatible with a cat. Before you bring one home make sure you are not one of them, you can test yourself and talk to the nearest veterinarian. If you do your research and make all the preparations you can have a great companion for life.  Cats are great friends and are perfect for individuals or families alike.

If you do find a perfect cat for your home make sure you take for a checkup and immunization. If you don’t plan to have little kittens you might also neuter your cat. Cats have a strong mating instinct and when in mating season they can claw your furniture and try to get out of your window. To prevent this and make your cat life more healthier it is best to get it neutered.

You new cat companion will need proper toys to play with. Invest in a good scratching post to prevent your furniture getting ruined by your furry friend. Toy mice, balls, and other cats toys are great to keep your pet occupied and exercise. Some cats need regular exercise and if you plan to keep your cat indoor you need to provide it with a lot and fun. Some cats are perfectly happy to eat and sleep all day, others need attention and play. Make sure you provide a few hours just for your cat every day. 

Things to Consider before you bring your Pet Cat Home:


Cats are generally territorial and moving to any new house or place makes them feel uneasy. There are many unexplored spaces, and you never know what might be lurking there. Do a big favor to them by providing little place to which they can call their own place at least for few days or even weeks. Washing room or Bath Room is perfect. Furnish their space using cat related amenities, like water, food along with cat litter box. You may wish to spend more time with your feline, to ensure that this space is big enough so that you too can sit.

cute kitten

Fill the cat litter box with couple of inches of litter and keep it within their own place or room where they can utilize it undisturbed. In the end, everyone needs privacy while pottying, and providing that privacy can help prevent aversion of cat litter box.

Equip their feeding place with food bowls and water. Place it at some distance from the cat litter box. Cats like to escape from it to some tiny places, and you may give one for your pet cat as their own little safe place. If they come home in feline carrier, that will be a great choice. You may also create one by chopping or cutting the doorway for them from the end of feline box. If you wish, you can even purchase the covered feline bed from any pet store. Either way, ensure that the space is big enough for your cat to turn around and stand up. Cat “feng shui” likes the ability to view the door from their hidey-hole, so they will not be startled.

Feline's claws worn out as they scratch items. You will never wish your sofa or chairs getting scratched by them, so offer your pet cat a socially acceptable scratching location. Some of these are made from corrugated cardboards and lie on the ground; other types are posts that are big enough so that feline can easily stand for scratching. You must motivate your pet cat (once they have arrived) to make use of a post by dangling the toys or sprinkling catnip on the top. They will definitely like this idea. You will always wish a scratching post in every room wherever you have soft furniture but you can even block the access to it. You may also put in some sticky tape (that can be purchased from pet stores) to the corners of your furniture for them to scratch.

Review your home from the curious cat’s point of view for exploring and climbing purpose. When your pet cat gets accustomed to your house, you might be amazed to discover them on the top of the cabinets, so ensure that you have not kept anything there or on any other higher shelves, which can be easily knocked off or damaged.

Search for holes that make ductwork easily accessible and protect them or cover them. Your pet cat can easily slither into any of these holes. You will never wish firemen in your home, jackhammering your concrete floor to rescue your cat.

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